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Latino Cultural Heritage Awareness Program 2017

This cultural education program provides the opportunity to learn about the diversity within Latino communities and our cultural differences and similarities. Educate Ya assists with breaking down barriers and providing a safe place for people to learn about Latino cultural heritage and history. We offer three sessions for different groups of people, as well as a final session open to everyone.

In this first session is for Latinos born in the USA; it is a space for them to reflect on their heritage and what motivated their parent or parents to immigrate.

The second for the Anglo community – we provide a space where people can ask questions, discuss and learn topics related to Latino cultures and histories.

In the third, we invite Latino immigrants to share and discuss their personal experiences as they integrate into the mainstream culture in the USA.

Lastly, there will be a night where everyone from all the different sessions comes together to reflect and discuss what they have taken away from the program.

Click on the session you are interested in for more information. You can also call Moses at (503) 238-5790, or write us using the message box below.


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