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Welcome to Educate Ya (Educate Yourself Now)

Edúcate Ya, Inc. is a Latino community-based organization committed to empowering Latinos educationally, professionally, socially, culturally, and in wellness. Founded in response to the lack of Latino leadership in Portland, Oregon, the organization has created an avenue for educating Latinos on how to navigate the American social, economic and cultural systems in order to achieve better employment opportunities and health, and eventually become leaders in American society. The Latino community is the fastest growing ethnic group in the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon. The health, education, and safety of the Latino community are growing concerns as the population size continues to progress. To address these concerns, Edúcate Ya has successfully implemented several programs to help foster social justice. In addition, Edúcate Ya offers translation services and Spanish classes to local businesses working directly with Latinos, and a study Spanish abroad program.

Day of the Dead, October 2017

Let’s Study Spanish in Mexico and Celebrate!
Also known as the City of Eternal Spring, Cuernavaca (kwer-nah-vah-kah), Mexico is a safe and beautiful city in central Mexico. Enjoy the festivities of Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) while taking Spanish classes and living with a Mexican host family for two or three weeks.

Health Educators Program – Training

We are looking for bilingual volunteers (or at least proficient in Spanish & English) to participate in our upcoming Health Educator program. Our team of volunteers will learn how to give presentations in Latino communities in the Portland Metro Area and statewide related to general health topics (including preventive health & HIV/STI prevention).

Volunteer training dates: TBA

Study Abroad Programs 2017

These programs are designed for people interested in visiting Mexico, and learning Spanish, but not in the traditional way. Our unique and alternative educational programs will allow you to travel, study Spanish and learn about culture through a specific social lens. Embark on a journey of learning and growth, where you will form bonds with amazing individuals, create joyous new memories, and acquire incredible and invaluable life experiences.
Read about our Full Immersion Programs for Winter/Summer 2017.

Clases de inglés de invierno

Clases de inglés como lengua extranjera de verano! La próxima ronda de clases iniciará en junio de 2017. ¡El precio es muy económico! Cuesta tan sólo $125 por 20 horas de clase, más $29 por el libro.

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for Summer, 2017. Next cycle of classes start in June, 2017. Affordable rates. The cost is only $125 for 20 hours of class. Plus $29 for the book. Click here for more information.

Intercambio de Lenguas (Language Exchange)

One of our most popular community programs is Intercambio de Lenguas (Language Exchange), a program that matches local Latinos who need assistance with their English with other locals who would like to improve their Spanish. We are in need of more native Spanish speakers for this program. Spanish speakers are needed! Our next volunteer training […]

Avanza 2017

Avanza 2017 – Youth Leadership Training
Do you identify with being a Latino person between the ages of 18-35, interested in a FREE professional development and leadership training? Facilitated by POC in our community, and operating under the philosophies of popular education and social justice; click here to see if the AVANZA program is right for you

The next training is schedule for the Fall! Dates to be announced.


AVANZA is a leadership development program for young Latino adults ages 18-35 in the Portland Tri-county area. Its goal is to provide training in diverse leadership skills and create a group of young adult leaders who will participate in community efforts to better the opportunities for Latinos in the educational, social and professional spheres. Presented […]

Yearly Supporters

Edúcate Ya would love to appreciate our yearly supporters and thank them for their continued support. It wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Seeking Volunteers

Educate Ya (Education Now) is a small local nonprofit organization with several community programs that focus on health, education, English/Spanish language acquisition and Latino cultural awareness. We are currently looking for motivated and dynamic volunteers to support our programs via outreach and marketing. Read on for more details…

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