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At Edúcate Ya, we welcome everyone to participate in our programs and to be a part of them as employees, volunteers, teachers, helpers, learners, etc.
All of us together give meaning to our name “educate yourself now!”
Thank you for visiting us and I hope we can meet in the near future! ¡Muchísimas Gracias!

-Rafael Arellano, Founder and Executive Director

English – On-site Classes

Learn English where you work!

We offer on-site classes at your business or organization.



Offer English/Spanish classes with an onsite instructor for weekly or bi-weekly ESL/Spanish lessons.

  • Businesses, Organizations, Hotels, Wineries, Orchards, Restaurants, Clinics, etc.
  • Structure lessons to trade related specific vocabulary. (i.e. common hotel terminology)
  • ESL/Spanish classes specific to needed levels of proficiency of participants
  • Flexible schedules for participants


Benefits for business and Organizations:

Alongside improvements in business communication between majority English and majority Spanish-speaking departments (e.g. front desk/housekeeping), the business/organizations would be able to boast an orientation towards community involvement/betterment.

  • Peers will view business/organization as more humanitarian, a competitor to admire; a role-model in business/organization ethics, raising the bar of industry standards.
  • Consumers will note that businesses that care about their employees care about the quality of service they are providing, in effect giving the business a greater clout among socially conscientious consumer groups.
  • Current and potential employees will view the business as offering a benefit unavailable at other workplaces, thus making them a more attractive employer–more open to diversity in the workplace and an indelible proponent of equal opportunity employment.


Pricing Structure:

It is important to stress our organization’s commitment to serving the community through education and active involvement.   The goal of this program is, first and foremost, the education of as many people as possible, therefore the cost to the business must remain flexible in order to reflect our values and stated mission goals.  A price of $85 per hour with a minimum of 20 hours of instruction for one term of 5 or 10 weeks, classes can be weekly or bi-weekly for 2 hours at the time (or can be negotiable), and the best value of $65 if you contract for two terms. The minimum number of students is 5 and the maximum 8. There will be also an extra cost per student for the book used and materials.


Edúcate Ya is currently teaching on-site lessons at the following locations:

  • Stoel Reeves (Spanish)
  • Metro (Spanish)
  • Jupiter Hotel (English)



Call or email us for more information:

(503) 238-5790

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