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At Edúcate Ya, we welcome everyone to participate in our programs and to be a part of them as employees, volunteers, teachers, helpers, learners, etc.
All of us together give meaning to our name “educate yourself now!”
Thank you for visiting us and I hope we can meet in the near future! ¡Muchísimas Gracias!

-Rafael Arellano, Founder and Executive Director

Full Immersion

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These programs are designed for people interested in visiting Mexico, and learning Spanish, but not in the traditional way. Our unique and alternative educational programs will allow you to travel, study Spanish and learn about culture through a specific social lens. Embark on a journey of learning and growth, where you will form new bonds with wonderful people, create joyous new memories, and acquire incredible and invaluable life experiences. Read about each distinctive program to see which one is right for you!

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January 5th – 18th, 2019 ($ 1,438) *

Summer TBA

For anyone interested in learning about the real situation of the LGBTQ+ community in Mexico through the study of the language and cultural exchange. The program will teach participants about the history of the LGBTQ+ movement in Mexico and Latin America.

Learn about Mexican culture and gender roles in contemporary Mexico, and gain an understanding of the cultural context of LGBTQ+ identity in Mexico. Small class sizes (no more than 5 students) allows for a supported and connected group.

This two-week program includes round table discussions, guest speakers (artists, activists and community leaders), field trips, museum visits, videos, meetings with local community groups, and more. The program includes a LBGTQ+ welcoming home-stay. Students are evaluated and placed at the appropriate level of Spanish language instruction.



January 5th – 18th, 2019 ($ 1,438) * 

For all genders interested in studying Spanish while learning about Mexican culture, politics and economics through the lens of women’s experience and struggles for social justice. Study how women from various backgrounds (i.e., indigenous, students, workers) have been affected by the neo-liberal model of globalization and the kinds of mobilization they have initiated or participated in. Establish and strengthen links between women of different countries (whose lives in an increasing globalized world are more interrelated than ever) by sharing our common struggles for justice and equity.



TBA ($ 2,013) *

This program is for educators who would like to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to better serve Spanish speakers in their classes. This three-week program includes intensive Spanish classes and a variety of cultural/educational activities such as weekend excursions, guest speakers, museum visits, round table discussions, encounters with local schools K-12+ and community groups, videos, etc. and a home-stay. Participants will increase their knowledge and understanding of the Mexican educational system. School visits provide the opportunity to interact with students in Spanish and discuss subjects of mutual interest with teachers and administrators. Most program activities are in Spanish with English translations when necessary.



August 4th – 17th, 2018 ($ 1,438) *

For traditional and alternative healthcare practitioners and students interested in learning about medical practices in Mexico including pre-Hispanic, current institutional and alternative practices. Also for anyone looking for a better understanding of Hispanic populations or anyone who is interested in health issues and terminology in Spanish.

This 2-week program is meant for all those who work in healthcare: nurses and family doctors, alternative healthcare practitioners, as well as specialists and midwives. You will learn about the healthcare system in Mexico and about the way workers are organized. Discussions include social and cultural issues like health and human rights, health and spirituality, cultural beliefs about health, indigenous beliefs and practices, birth control methods, working with contagious illnesses, speaking with Latino patients, talking about domestic violence, the place of elderly or handicapped people in our society, and much more.



August 4th – 17th, 2018 ($ 1,438) * 

The program begins in Cuernavaca, Mexico where the Base Christian Communities were born. Learn about the history and formation of the BCCs that can serve as a model for ministry within Latino communities in the U.S. Participate in a BCC meeting and dialogue with priests and lay leaders who are active in the BCCs. Visit local community projects and hear from the local leaders.

Home-stay with a family who is active in the BCCs will be provided.


October 20th – November 4th, 2018 ($ 1,500) * 

Full Immersion in Cuernavaca, Mexico to learn about and celebrate Day of the Dead. Includes registration, tuition, room and board, materials, three excursions, and special presentations.

* The price of all of the programs includes Spanish classes and room and board with host family; the price does not include transportation costs (airfare) or excursions or personal spending money

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