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Latino HIV/AIDS Health Educators Program

Health Educators 2012

Latino HIV/AIDS Prevention Program

Edúcate Ya provides community HIV/AIDS prevention presentations for the Latino community groups in the Portland Metropolitan area which encompasses four counties: Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and Clark in Vancouver,WA. We specialize in culturally specific ways to offer presentations related to Latinos and their family unit, how parents can talk about issues on sexuality, sexual activity and STIs. We offer information on resources and how to create dialogue among families in regards to how to communicate better and at the same time information on resources available in the metro area.  The presentations are given by a group of volunteers that have been trained on how to do these culturally specific presentations, their training consists of 20 hours (a full weekend) and then they are paired up to go out into the community and use the Popular Education methodology which is inclusive to create dialogue and conversation that will affirm the confidence of the parents, adolescents and young adults in the Latino communities.

In 2004, Edúcate Ya created the Latino HIV/AIDS Health Educators Program. This program trains a group of ten health educators who in turn conducts 20 health and wellness community workshops within the Latino community.  Based on the Promotora approach, the program is successful because it creates awareness and opens doors to communication on culturally sensitive issues. Some of the modules presented are: Sex and sexuality, What is HIV/AIDS?, HIV/AIDS epidemiological trends, Male/female reproductive systems, STIs, Risk Behaviors: Substance abuse/unprotected sex, among others.

In addition, the program presents skill-building training such as conducting outreach and group facilitation, evaluation and assessment methods, providing information/referrals regarding community resources, maintaining participant confidentiality, cultural diversity within the Latino community, and leadership skills.

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