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AVANZA is a leadership development program. Its goal is to form and train young Latinos, with different modules on leadership skills, and create a group of young adult leaders that will participate in community efforts to better the opportunities for Latinos in the educational, social and professional spheres. It is a program that will be presented by active Latino community leaders and the staff of Edúcate Ya, so that the young adults can see professional role-models in action and feel empowered to create a community that integrates into the mainstream culture, while sharing their own richness and gifts that come from the different countries they represent.

Edúcate Ya has developed a curriculum that the board of directors and a group of volunteers are continually evaluating in order to provide a great array of diversity in the leadership formation of young adults. The commitment of the participants will be for one year, during which they will be meeting twice a month to participate in training and hands-on activities, lectures and discussions. This will motivate in them the desire for personal development and educational advancement.

After a year of training and education, they will receive a certificate and the opportunity to participate in a project that they will design during their training. They will also be encouraged to participate in other civic activities and community organizations. Participants must have a good grasp of both Spanish and English; the reasoning behind this is to encourage bilingualism, and especially competency in the English language, since it is the language needed to be able to make changes and continue educational development in this country.

Dates and Themes of Avanza Sessions:

  • Introductions/Orientation
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Goal Setting
  • Ethics/Values
  • Culture/Oppression
  • Government & Public Policy
  • Community Organizing

We are inviting young adults to contact us in order to receive an application for the next program, which will start in Fall of 2017. We will be able to accept 15 participants, and there will be a recruiting process which will be organized and executed by the board member/volunteer committee, who will also select the participants.

History of AVANZA

The history of our leadership program began in 2007, when we received a grant from the SE Uplift Neighborhood Association; we started our first Latino Young Adult Leadership Council with 15 enthusiastic participants. An intern from PSU developed the curriculum used to train the young adults together with the Program Coordinator. The LYALC was very successful because the youth got involved in a couple of projects in which we were invited to participate as an organization. Through these projects, the youth acquired experience and education during the organization´s year of formation. We participated with the Columbia Water Shed Council in their annual fair, and also with other public events in which the LYALC´s participants experienced community work first-hand.

The participants, at the end of their training, had to plan a project in which they would apply what they had learned during the course of the year. Thus, 2008 saw the previous cohort of youth assisting the coordinator in doing current year´s presentations and trainings to an equally enthusiastic new group of youth. There were several projects that took place in conjunction with other organizations in which the young adults took part, including projects in our own programs, such as Health Educators and the ESL/Intercambio.

2009 was a very difficult year for Edúcate Ya, as well for many other non-profit organizations. The economic downturn forced us to let some of our staff go, and halted our efforts in leadership development. Even though the year was very difficult, we still had the time and desire to evaluate the past two years, and to see if we could continue the program. A group of volunteers, along with the program director, met weekly for about 6 months during which they evaluated the curriculum to be used in the New Year, and came up with the name of AVANZA. The whole name and description of the new program would be The Latino Young Adult Leadership Academy: AVANZA. This project has become one of our goals for the year 2014, and we are working hard writing grants to support this effort. The need is great and the time is right. We need more opportunities for young adults to better themselves and the lives of others in their communities; we are hopeful that everything will be in place so that we are able to do this important work of empowering the large number of Latinos that need education, encouragement, and self-assurance.

In the first session we will cover the orientation for the program.


For more information:

Call us: 503-238-5790
Email at info@educateya.org
Avanza Facebook Page



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