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At Edúcate Ya, we welcome everyone to participate in our programs and to be a part of them as employees, volunteers, teachers, helpers, learners, etc.
All of us together give meaning to our name “educate yourself now!”
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-Rafael Arellano, Founder and Executive Director



AVANZA is a leadership development program. Its goal is to form and train young Latinos, with different modules on leadership skills, and create a group of young adult leaders that will participate in community efforts to better the opportunities for Latinos in the educational, social and professional spheres. It is a program that will be presented by active Latino community leaders and the staff of Edúcate Ya, so that the young adults can see professional role-models in action and feel empowered to create a community that integrates into the mainstream culture, while sharing their own richness and gifts that come from the different countries they represent.

Edúcate Ya has developed a curriculum that the board of directors and a group of volunteers are continually evaluating in order to provide a great array of diversity in the leadership formation of young adults. The commitment of the participants will be for six sessions, during which they will be meet to participate in training and hands-on activities, lectures and discussions. This will motivate in them the desire for personal development and educational advancement.

At the end, they will receive a certificate and the opportunity to participate in a project that they will design during their training. They will also be encouraged to participate in other civic activities and community organizations.


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