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At Edúcate Ya, we welcome everyone to participate in our programs and to be a part of them as employees, volunteers, teachers, helpers, learners, etc.
All of us together give meaning to our name “educate yourself now!”
Thank you for visiting us and I hope we can meet in the near future! ¡Muchísimas Gracias!

-Rafael Arellano, Founder and Executive Director



AVANZA is a leadership development and community organizing program for Latinx young adults, ages 18-35. The program brings together a diverse, supportive group and empowers participants to be agents of social justice. This is the only leadership program in Portland for Latinx young adults that is also free of charge for participants. AVANZA is directed by and for participants with the support of staff, community collaborators, and volunteer presenters.


Over the course of several months, 10-15 participants will meet regularly to hear from leaders in the community, gain leadership and personal development skills, and collaborate with each other on a culminating community project. Discussion topics include: communication, goal setting, issue choosing, teamwork, public policy, community organizing, culture and oppression, ethics, and values. The project gives participants the chance to learn through experience by using their skills collectively to create systemic change on critical issues facing their communities, while emphasizing coalition-building with other organizations.

Stay tuned for our next AVANZA program – scheduled for Spring 2018!

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