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At Edúcate Ya, we welcome everyone to participate in our programs and to be a part of them as employees, volunteers, teachers, helpers, learners, etc.
All of us together give meaning to our name “educate yourself now!”
Thank you for visiting us and I hope we can meet in the near future! ¡Muchísimas Gracias!

-Rafael Arellano, Founder and Executive Director

Tourism Industry

Edúcate Ya is offering an on-site language and diversity program for businesses in the tourism industry!

  Is your hotel, resort, restaurant, arena, or other tourist-related business located in Oregon?

Do you want to:

• Increase and enhance communication among staff and between staff and customers?

• Increase confidence and skills for your staff?

• Contribute to inclusion and diversity in a meaningful way?

• Invest in your employees, increase workplace morale, and strengthen employee retention?


Call or email us today to learn more about language classes for your staff!

(503) 238-5790


Generous discounts available thanks to support from Travel Oregon’s Competitive Small Grants Program.

“I wanted to provide an opportunity to demonstrate that all of my employees had potential for upward mobility and to show that we valued them and would invest in their professional development. [As a result of Edúcate Ya’s classes, we have seen an increase in interactions between staff and between back of the house employees and hotel guests. All of this helps create a friendlier, more welcoming environment that leaves a long lasting positive impact on those that visit the hotel.”

– Al Munguia, General Manager

Jupiter Hotel, Portland, OR

ESL Class at Jupiter Hotel

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