Edúcate Ya, Inc.

Non-Profit Organization and Language School in Portland, OR

Welcome to Educate Ya (Educate Yourself Now)

Edúcate Ya, Inc. (Educate Yourself Now, Inc.) is a Latino community-based organization committed to empowering Latinos educationally, professionally, socially, culturally, and in wellness. Founded in response to the lack of Latino leadership in Portland, Oregon, the organization has created an avenue for educating Latinos on how to navigate the American social, economic and cultural systems in order to achieve better employment opportunities and health, and eventually become leaders in American society. The Latino community is the fastest growing ethnic group in the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon. The health, education, and safety of the Latino community are growing concerns as the population size continues to progress. To address these concerns, Edúcate Ya has successfully implemented several programs to help foster social justice. In addition, Edúcate Ya offers translation services and Spanish classes to local businesses working directly with Latinos, and a study Spanish abroad program.

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