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Women and Social Change in Mexico

Women and Social Change in Mexico 

Women and social change in mexico

Winter January 2nd – 15th 2016 ( US $1,438)

Summer July 9th -22nd 2016 ( US $1,438)

This program is for women and men interested in studying Spanish while learning about Mexican culture, politics and economics through the lens of women’s experiences and struggles for social justice,

This program explores the impact of globalization and “neo-liberalism”on the feminist movement in mexico. Participants will explore the independent labor movement. and maquiladoras; Zapatismo and the struggles of indigenous women; health, alternative medicine, sexual and reproductive rights and the lesbian movement in Mexico.Through dialogue, participants learn about Mexican culture and gender roles in contemporary Mexico and gain an understanding of the cultural context of women and women’s rights in Mexico.

Talks, videos and visits with women and grassroots projects are scheduled during the afternoon. Issues will be approached “from below” by spending time with activist groups and with an orientation towards social change.



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