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Learn Spanish With Edúcate Ya!

Now Enrolling for Spring & Summer, 2017

If you are looking to learn Spanish, then you have come to the right place!
Spanish Classes at a community-based, non-profit organization in Portland, OR.

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Now offering 9 distinct levels of General Spanish, as well as specialized courses Spanish for Travelers and Occupational Spanish, Edúcate Ya’s courses are a sure way to learn Spanish in a fun, dynamic and less-than-traditional manner.

To learn more about our teaching philosophies and methodologies,
reasons why to study with us, and testimonials, click here.

Taking classes with Educate Ya is a straight-forward process. Simply follow these 5 easy steps (or jump to any step you want)


1.) Choose a program model – Group, private or on-site

  • For information on Group Classes at our school, click here.
  • For information on Private Lessons or Tutoring at our school, click here.
  • For information on classes taught on-site (both for groups and individual),
    at your place of work or Spanish Class Groupresidence, click here.


2.) Choose a Course – General Spanish, Spanish for Travelers, or Occupational Spanish:

  • If you are interested in learning Spanish for general purposes, click here.
  • If you are interested in learning Spanish in order to prepare for a trip abroad, click here.
  • If you are interested in work-place related Spanish, aka Occupational Spanish, click here.


3.) Unsure what is an appropriate course for you? Take our placement test or come in for a free consultation:

  • To take the placement test online, or to schedule a free 15 minute consultation, click here.


4.) Current Class Availability:

  • If you are signing up for private lessons, you can skip this step. Private lessons are scheduled directly with the Director, depending on instructors’ availability.
  • A calendar of our current and upcoming group classes (both general and specialized) will be added soon. To see available times, go to group classes.
  • If you don’t want to wait to be placed in a new, upcoming class, let us know and we can see what options are available for fitting you into a group that is already active .
  • If all groups are full, we will add you to a waiting list until we get enough students to start a new group. We need a minimum 4 students to start a group.

Note: Groups may be merged after 5 weeks, as scheduling logistics require. Though naturally your class schedule will not change unless you agree to said change in advance.


5.) Enrollment & Payment:


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