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Beginner II


General Course description:

This course is ideal for those who have already studied an introductory Spanish course, like our Beginner I course. Students will further their knowledge of Spanish by studying the differences between the verbs ‘ser’ and ’estar’, as well as common irregular verbs (stem-changing verbs) in the present indicative. Students will learn how to say what they have done recently, practicing the present perfect tense as well as the past participle verb form. They will also learn how to say what they are doing now, using the verb ‘estar’ with the gerund verb form (-ing).

Students will also study lesser known, but equally important, grammar in this course such as: the use of common prepositions (to, from, etc.), demonstratives (this, that, etc.), indefinite words (some, any, etc.), adverbs (always, never, etc.), and possessive adjectives (my, your, etc.).

Thematic topics include all of the topics from the previous level, as well as the following new topics: Short trips and excursions, clothing and materials, giving gifts, emotions and moods, health and sickness, personality types, more common activities.

Grammar Focuses:

  • Further analysis of Ser and Estar; differences in use
  • Irregular verbs in the present indicative (stem changing)
  • Introduccion a los Indefinidos (alguno, ninguno; algo, nada; alguien, nadie)
  • Los demostrativos (esto, estos, este, esta, estas, eso, esos, ese, esa, esas)
  • The present perfect in Spanish (pretérito perfecto). Haber + past participle in present.
  • Past participle Verb (-ido, -ado)
  • Common Prepositions, A, de, hasta
  • Introduction to Imperative Mood, commands/orders/requests/petitions
  • Estar + gerundio (-ando, -iendo) en presente
  • Ordinal numbers (primero, segundo, etc.)
  • Possessive Adjectives (mi, mis, tu, tus, etc.)
  • Common adverbs
  • Exclamations

Vocabulary/thematic Focuses:

  • Short trips, excursions
  • Materials
  • Gift giving
  • Riddles in Spanish
  • Health and Sickness
  • Moods
  • Advice column
  • Describing people, physical appearance, personality
  • Summer camp activities
  • Making calls
  • Student teacher conference
  • Foods
  • Fairy tales

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