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Intermediate I

General course description: Intermediate I is ideal for students who have already completed the Beginner courses, or equivalent courses in another school. Look at Beginner IBeginner II, and Beginner III to see what those courses comprise.

In Intermediate I, you will start getting into more complex grammar topics, less common vocabulary, as well as begin to learn common expressions and sayings. You will learn how to recount anecdotes from your past, as well as make predictions about the future. Additionally, you will begin to learn the complex subjunctive mood/mode, for expressing emotions, desires, or possibilities.

Grammar focuses include studying the past tenses (preterit and imperfect), the future simple, as well as the Conditional I tense (for expressing conditional-based clauses). Students will also learn how to compare people, places and things (comparative and superlative adjectives, other comparative forms), and the main differences between prepositions por and para.

Thematic topics include horoscopes, life in the country, predictions, independence day & celebrations, common idiomatic expressions, bidding at auctions and more!

Grammar Focuses:

  • Ser and Estar, deeper look
  • Adverbs: Hace, desde hace, desde + present indicative
  • Preterite Tense, verb conjugations, regular and irregular verbs
  • Imperfect tense, verb conjugations, regular and irregular verbs
  • Analysis: Preterite and imperfect. Difference in use and meaning.
  • Simple future
  • Analysis: difference between future simple and future going to
  • Introduction to Subjunctive mood/mode; present subjunctive with regular verbs
  • Present Perfect subjunctive (haya + pasado participle)
  • Conditional I tense (si + presente, + futuro simple)
  • Possessive Adjectives (mi, tu, etc.) and possessive pronouns (mío, tuyo, etc.)
  • Comparisons (más + adjective, menos + adjective, tan + adjective)
  • Further analysis of Por and Para

Vocabulary/thematic Focuses:

  • Stem changing verbs
  • Verbs followed by subjunctive
  • Life in the City and Life in the Country, contrasting
  • Horoscopes
  • Life predictions
  • 4th of July, Independence Day
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • The last time…
  • At the Auction
  • Personal Anecdotes

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